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Secondhand Shopping List for Spring 2021

Each season, I love getting a few new-to-me pieces to invigorate my existing wardrobe and try out something new! The hunt for a secondhand piece that is just right for me is so fun and that much more gratifying when I find it.

My favorite way to shop secondhand is thrifting - I fell in love with it during my college years when I lived 2 blocks away from the Salvation Army in Southside Pgh. Often, I would stop by multiple times a week for home goods and upcoming costume party pieces because ~college life~ but then I started seeing items that I could incorporate into my own wardrobe. That’s when I realized that the more you go, the better the chances are at finding items to fit your style; it’s not always about getting 7+ pieces at a time but rather, 1-2 pieces to be worn next week.

This is not to say that I don’t also enjoy shopping secondhand via curated shops locally and online - IG, Etsy, Depop, eBay, etc.

As my life is just a collection of revolving lists, I decided to put together a little list of the top 3 pieces I will be shopping secondhand for this Spring - and tips on how to style them - below.

1. Oversized, Lightweight Button Down

This is a staple piece in my wardrobe so it’s nice to add a new one to the rotation. My favorite way to wear an oversized button down is buttoned low, with bike shorts, sneakers, and statement earrings or a bunch of necklaces. These are very easy to find at your regular old Thrift Store in the men’s shirt section.

2. Midi Skirt

I love the easy-breezy vibe of an a-line midi skirt. I am drawn to the skirts with lighter tones, rich colors, and/or small patterns because I think those will be the easiest to style. I plan to wear a midi skirt with a vintage tee tucked in and sandals or a tank top and combat boots. These are all over Depop and Etsy and there is a high chance that the fit will be just right because the measurements are pretty simple.

3. Lightweight Pleated Trousers

There is an element of sophistication that pleated trousers bring to an outfit. Though they can be tricky to style as they could easily look dated. I will be wearing pleated trousers with a ribbed tank top, trouser socks, flat dress shoes, and layered necklaces - for a straight-forward look. And I also like the idea of wearing them with a fitted vintage tee, sandals, a sling bag, and statement earrings - for a less expected look. These are good to find at the thrift store too since the measurements are more complicated, it’s always a plus to try on in-store.

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